Research and Development

Finding new ideas and applications, developing new material combinations and manufacturing processes, developing new markets. These are all tasks for our development engineers in close cooperation with customers, suppliers, universities and colleagues within the our company.

Based on our raw materials of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, polystyrol and various bio-polymers and in a dialogue with our business partners, we continually develop new system solutions from films, nonwovens and composite materials which find applications in a variety of markets – from multifunctional and reliable hygiene products to high-strength and long-life construction and agricultural products to foodstuff-quality packaging films.

 Through the breadth of our development activities in combination with our production know-how, we are today one of the technological leaders in the field of films and nonwovens. Our development teams consist of a mix of established technicians and young, talented engineers who look forward to the challenge of assisting the development of your new products and would be glad to support you in your product developments.